Woman accused of shock Covid breach

A woman has been arrested following a major investigation into a serious Covid-19 border breach issue.

A Darwin woman is accused of helping a traveller skip quarantine by releasing confidential information.

Northern Territory Police arrested a woman, 37, as part of an investigation by the Special References Unit.

Police say she is accused of providing information to a 43-year-old man on how to breach Covid-19 border control measures.

The man was arrested on August 27 for related offending.

Police allege she provided advice on how to create false records to avoid having to quarantine.

Assistant Commissioner of crime, intelligence and capability Michael White said the woman offered to process the traveller so they could pass through the Border Arrival Checkpoint at Darwin International Airport.

“The (alleged) behaviour of this person is appalling,“ he said.

“For someone in a position who is responsible for ensuring the safety of all Territorians to act in this manner is beyond self-interest and the charges which are likely to be laid will reflect the serious nature of this conduct.”

The woman is expected to be charged with disclosing confidential information and recklessly endangering life.

Under the Territory’s current border restrictions, entry from a declared hotspot or public exposure site is not permitted unless someone is a returning resident.

All of the ACT and NSW are considered hotspots as well as a large number of local government areas across Victoria, including metropolitan Melbourne.

Those permitted to enter from those areas must undergo testing and complete 14 days of isolation.

Originally published as Woman who processed interstate travellers allegedly ‘helped plan border breach’: cops

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